Erie Times-News Open Bowling Tournament


56th Annual - 2019 Tournament (tentative)

Please read Other Tournament Information in addition to these rules as there is important information with respect to the conduct of this tournament.

1. The tournament is open to the first 200 (Initial limit is 160). Final limit determination left  to the discretion of the tournament committee) paid male or female entries who meet one of the following criteria; 1) legal residence is within the boundaries of the Erie District Bowling Assn 2) is bowling in a league sanctioned by the USBC and has bowled 21 or more games in such league during the prior summer or current fall/winter season at the time the tournament commences, or 3) has competed in a minimum of 5 previous Times-News Open event. A temporary card will be accepted. The committee reserves the right to increase or decrease the size of the filed at any time.

2. The tournament will consist of a ten (10) game qualifying round, followed by a semi-final round of six (6) games and a final round of sixteen (16) match games. Only the top thirty-two (only 32, no ties) bowlers after the first ten (10) games (based on 160 entries). In the event that entries are higher or lower, the semi-final field could be increased or decreased. The top sixteen (16) qualifiers (only 16, no ties) after sixteen (16) games will advance to the final round. Total pinfall will determine the position of the finalists. Ties for the final position(s) when there is a cut (sem-finals and finals) will be broken by a one-game roll-off. Should this end up in a tie, sudden-death 9th and 10th frame roll-offs will be used until a winner is determined.

The finals will be bowled in accordance with the standard sixteen team schedule with a position round used for the sixteenth game. All matches in the finals will be decided on the basis of total pins with the match winner receiving 30 additional bonus pins. In the event that a match is halved, each bowler will receive an additional 15 bonus pins. All matches will be one (1) game. In the event of a tie for first place after sixteen games, the individuals who are tied will bowl one (1) game to resolve the tie. If the tie is still not broken another game will be bowled. If the tie is still not broken the sudden-death procedure described above will be implemented. The qualifying totals WILL NOT be carried over into the finals.

3. There shall be no substitutions during the qualifying rounds, once bowling has commenced. Should a bowler have to withdraw before the start of the qualifier, the position shall be filled from the stand-by list. Otherwise, only pacers shall be used to fill vacancies and all entry fees and prize money shall be forfeited. In the event of a withdrawal of a finalist, prior to the finals, the first alternate (17th place) shall move up to the last qualifying position and all finalists shall move up one position until the vacancy is filled. Should a substitute be required once the finals have begun, the lowest numbered available qualifier shall be used, starting with the seventeenth position. A penalty of one hundred (100) pins shall be imposed on the score of the bowler being replaced. The total prize money of both bowlers will be split evenly.

4. Should a contestant be forced to withdraw once his/her entry has been paid, he/she shall be refunded only the prize money portion of his/her entry. However, there will be no refund if a replacement cannot be found to fill his spot or, the withdrawal occurs after the bowling commences.

5. The entry fee is $80.00 which includes the prize fee ($42.00), expenses ($4.00), qualifier bowling ($28.00) and finals' bowling ($6.00). All bowling in the finals will be paid from entry fees. This allocation is based on the estimated cost of bowling and expenses and may be adjusted if expenses warrant. Every effort will be made to maintain the prize fund portion. The prize ratio is approximately 1 in 5 and every effort will be made to ensure the smallest prize paid will be equal to or greater than the entry fee.

6. There will be no practice on the tournament lanes at any time during the day of the tournament (this applies only to those lanes to be used by the individual bowlers). The penalty for violation of this rule is disqualification. Practice is allowed on any other lanes in the house up to ten (10) minutes prior to the start of competition.

7. Entries shall be subject to acceptance by the tournament committee which shall be the sole judge as to the acceptance or rejection of any and all entries.

8. The tournament shall be conducted under USBC tournament rules and regulations, and any rules not specifically stated herein shall be handled in accordance with the appropriate USBC rulings.

9. Each bowler shall have his/her choice of starting squad for the first day's bowling only, and this is only on a first come first serve basis. There will be no switching shifts. Bowlers will bowl one of the following combinations: A=First/Second, B=Second/First.

10. During the qualifier bowlers will move to their right after each game and begin on the opposite (odd or even) lane that they started their prior game on. (Example: Game 1 on lane 3, Game 2 on lane 8). Whether pair(s) are skipped (and how many) or not is left up to the discretion of the tournament committee.

11. There is a dress code rule for both the semi-final qualifying round and both finals' rounds. Detailed dress code information is available at Penalty for violation is at the sole discretion of the committee and may be up to and including disqualification.

11. No entries will be accepted prior to December 1, 2018 and ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A COMPLETED ENTRY FORM AND THE FULL ENTRY FEE OF $80. Entries are generally available online at www/ and are subject to proper submission and payment. Entries close Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. Only cash will be accepted for entries after Sunday, January 6, 2019 subject to the discretion of the tournament committee.

Please read Other Tournament Information in addition to these rules as there is important information with respect to the conduct of this tournament.