Erie Times-News Open Bowling Tournament


Tournament Information & Guidelines

The Times-News Open is the premier amateur scratch bowling tournament conducted in this area and it is our hope and desire to keep it as such. Accordingly, the following guidelines are presented for those participating in the event.

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Foul and/or inappropriate language and/or gestures and related activities will not be tolerated. This includes instances of abuse of not only  your own body and equipment but also  the equipment belonging to the facilities in which we compete.

Please remember that you are performing in front of an audience of individuals who look up to you as the class of bowlers in the Erie area. This audience will include family members (parents, spouses, children, etc.) and other members of our community who are interested in bowling and your bowling skill. Please also try to impress them with your conduct and the quality of your character.


It is our intent to conduct this event in the most professional in efficient manner possible. We realize, however, that sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and sometimes we make errors or mistakes. In all of these instances it is our intent to make decisions that are best for all involved. We also realize that you, as a competitor, may not agree with the decisions made. Situations that may arise include the following :

  • Weather and situations with travel, facilities, etc.

  • Lane breakdowns and other problems that the facility may experience

  • Information that is disseminated by in the Erie Times-News that may conflict with information directly provided to competitors or provided to competitors on the tournament website

  • Changes in tournament formats, including adjustment of squad times necessitated by unusual or unforseen circumstances.

  • Adjustments in prizes to be awarded, including both number and amount.

  • Lanes used and or not used

  • Side contests conducted in conjunction with the tournament, such as brackets, jackpots and the like.

  • Process by which ties are broken, when necessary, and the time and date on which those events will take place.

  • Receipt of tournament entries, including problems with online entry, US Mail delivery, and other ways that contestants may try to submit entry forms.

  • In our current society there  are a number of ways to get tournament entry information to the tournament chairman, some of which may determine whether or not a contestant get their desired squad preference, gets into the event, or his or her status on the waiting list. In all cases, the tournament chairman will work to ensure that entries are accepted on a first come first served basis.

  • There are circumstances when entrants may be provided a spot in the qualifier without having paid an entry fee. Generally speaking these individuals' spot will be held until 30 minutes prior to the  commencement of the squad at which time others may claim available spots. Please be reminded that the only way to secure a spot in the qualifier is by submitting a paid entry.

  • Lane assignments may be adjusted at any time in order to accomplish the objectives of the round being completed.

  • Monies and payouts occur as closely as possible to when those prizes are earned. Individuals who are to received those prizes are not always available to receive their prize when it is available. We will hold those prizes and make every attempt to get those prizes to those who earned them.

  • In compliance with IRS requirements the Times-News Open will issue form 1099-MISC when required. Every attempt will be made to accurately calculate the reportable amount based on all monies and prizes awarded during a particular event.

Please arrive at the tournament site in ample time to get checked in and be ready to begin when the particular squad begins. Often times the amount of time needed to check in is related to the size of the establishment and the ability of bowlers to make their way to and from check in. The responsibility to be ready when the shift begins is the sole responsibility of the contestant. Please try to do your part to ensure that shifts can remain and run on time.

Practice play generally begins 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the particular squad. You are never permitted to practice on any of the tournament lanes once they have been oiled for that day's competition. You may be able to practice on lanes not being used for that day's competition, if available, subject to the approval of both the bowling establishment and the tournament committee.

If you are not sure when your particular round begins, please consult the tournament website or contact the tournament director.

Since this event is generally covered by the Erie Times News, there are frequently photographers on site. Sometimes these photographers are familiar with the unique aspects of bowling. Their goal is to get the best action shots that they can, meaning that they need to be in a position "down the lane." When photographers are onsite, bowlers just need to be aware of their presence so as not  to  have their game affected.

To allow for accurate and efficient scoring, we ask all bowlers to be responsible for recording scores on the recap sheets that are provided, ensure that those scores are correct, and then return those recaps to the tournament committee.

Finally, there is a tournament awards ceremony that concludes each event. For the benefit of all involved, including spectators, we ask all finalists to  remain on site to participate in the awards ceremony.

The tournament committee does reserve the right to do those things that  benefit the event as a whole.

If you have any questions, please contact the tournament chairman for clarification.

We sincerely appreciate your participation and cooperation in this event.